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Credit Builder Card


Say Goodbye to Your Bad Credit Woes!

Build Solid Credit with the Credit Builder Card.

How It Works

Rebuilding credit couldn’t be any easier.

Apply for the Card

It'll take only a couple of minutes to complete our straightforward online application form.

Make a Deposit

$200 is all you need to deposit to activate your credit builder card.

Start Building Credit

Use your card to make purchases. Make timely payments and see your credit strengthen.

Good Credit Will Take You Places!

By making prompt payments, our customers have seen an average increase of 49 points in their credit score! *.

How It Works


Apply for a Credit Builder Account

Take control of your financial future with a Credit Builder Account.


Pay Off Your Account to Receive Maximum Rewards

Choose the payment term that satisfies your financial needs and won't break the bank.


Consistent, On-Time Monthly Payments Can Do Wonders for Your Credit Score!

We let the three credit bureaus know how well you are doing.


Pay Off Your Account – Reap the Rewards

After settling your Credit Builder Account, you can gain access to the money within the CD (minus any interest or fees). Now it's all yours!

Build Credit!

Don’t let bad credit ruin your life. Self can be your way to a better life.

Debt Relief

Rent Reporting

Discover How to Quickly Repay Your Credit Cards Without Damaging Your Credit Score!


No Hard Credit Inquiries


Get Approved Quickly


Manageable Fixed Interest Rate

Watch our video to discover the full details of our program and how we can provide you with swift, reliable funding!

Build Credit With Your Rent Payments

Report your rent payments for $2.00 per month. Boom reports to experian, equifax, and transunion. Report ongoing payments and up to 24 months of prior payments.


Report Already Closed Leases


No Landlord Involvement Required


Works With (Almost) All Types Of Rent Payments


No Hard Or Soft Credit Pull

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