5 Easy Steps To Resolving A Credit Dispute

5 Easy Steps To Resolving A Credit Dispute

If you’ve ever had to dispute a credit card charge, you know how frustrating the process can be. You have to gather all of your documentation, make copies, and send it all off to the credit card company. It can seem like waiting forever before you hear anything back from them. But the good news is you can speed up the process?

Trifecta Credit Solutions will outline five easy steps to help you resolve your credit dispute quickly so you can get your money back!

1. Gather Your Documentation

The first step in resolving a credit dispute is gathering all of your documentation. It includes copies of the chargeback letter, receipts, and other relevant information. Make sure to organize everything into a neat packet so that it is easy to send off to the credit card company.

2. Call the Credit Card Company

The second step in resolving a credit card dispute is to call them up and ask a supervisor to help you with your dispute. The supervisor may help you resolve the dispute or may need to forward your information to a department that can help.

3. Negotiate With the Credit Card Company

The following action is to negotiate with them over the phone and inform them that transaction in question was not authorized by you and should be reversed immediately. Make sure not to lose your temper when you are doing this negotiation, as many people get angry and upset about such situations. You should never let them know that you are mad or upset because it will only work against you in the future if they decide to escalate their investigation into another chargeback dispute. If the credit card company asks for documentation supporting your claim, do not give them anything until they have received all of the necessary paperwork from their side.

4. Request for a Chargeback

You will need to request a chargeback right away by calling up your credit card company and informing them what you would like to do to resolve any issues you have. Make sure to ask them what the time limit is for doing this, as most companies only allow a certain number of days after the purchase to file a dispute.

5. Get Legal Help If Needed

If your dispute was not resolved or you feel like you haven’t been treated fairly, get legal assistance to deal with the matter.

If you follow these guidelines, you can resolve your dispute with a company quickly and easily and establish a good credit history. Make sure you consistently pay your bills on time to avoid any issues in the future. It is necessary to stay on top of your finances, including paying off any outstanding debts still owed to other companies or people.

Please let us know or get a free consultation if you want more information. Trifecta Credit Solutions serving Harrisburg, PA, specializes in credit monitoring, personal credit repair, and business credit.

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